Gothia Cup China

Opportunity only knocks once

Opportunity knocks at the door only once
— Chinese Proverb

24.8 millions chinese university students have taken their seats.

And it’s your turn to enter the field.

The next working generation in China is about to enter the world of business. Trying to recruit the top of the crop among these university students has been almost impossible - until now.

With 93.6 million potential fans waiting.

Don’t hit the wall.

Being able to reach the next generation of China and build your brand through the classrooms, is an opportunity that won’t come around twice. With our help you will gain access to both the University and elementary school students. Then it’s up to you to make the shot and start gaining new fans.

One-on-one with the leading politicians and businessmen of China

We offer our partners the opportunity to network among China's top business men and politicians. Make sure to seize this rare business opportunity and step right into the highest level of China's business world.

How football holds the key to future business in China

There is more to football than business. We offer a unique business opportunity, as well as a possibility to contribute to the national health and team spirit of the biggest country in the entire world.

Welcome to Gothia Cup China


Welcome to Shenyang
your new home ground.

Shenyang is the capital of football. China has declared ”Football for all”, stating that football will be on the school schedule. Imagine how this will influence the future. The social aspect we all know football brings, but it will evolve the national team of China in the coming 10-15 years. And one of the most important parts of this future is Gothia Cup China.

Shenyang - the capital of football

  • The city of Shenyang has a long tradition and glory in football and other sports
  • On 27th of June 2015 Shenyang launched the Capital of Football project
  • The government of Shenyang has invested over 15,000,000 USD in the Gothia Cup China project. Mainly for the construction of football fields. The tournament operating costs will be financed by sponsors, investors and the local government.

Gothia Cup China

  • 2016 was the first year of Gothia Cup China with 70 clubs from 35 different countries participating with 330 teams, and they all agree that it was nothing short of a total success.
  • There was a huge media coverage all over China with broadcasted highlights from the opening ceremony and from all the games all through the week.
  • The registration for Gothia Cup China is open and the number of participating teams are increasing in big numbers compared to the first year.
  • Gothia Cup consists of a 60,000 seat stadium with two football fields for training outside, a swimming gym, a tennis stadium and 12 outdoor tennis courts.
  • The Shenyang international exhibition centre, shopping malls and hotels are located nearby. The Gothia opening ceremony, leaders party and other activities for the participants will be held at Gothia Cup Centre.
  • The Gothia Cup campus is at the Jianzhu University and the Shenyang Ligong University and accommodates 29,000 people.
  • Watch the opening ceremony 2016

Goals for Gothia Cup China

The overall ambition for Gothia Cup China in 2018 is to have over 2,500 teams from 60 to 70 different countries. Today Gothia Cup in Gothenburg has over 1,600 teams yearly with teams from over 70 different countries.

Target Groups

  • Top businessmen and politicians in China
  • Total number of elementary students 12-18 years of age: 68.8 million
  • Total number of university students: 24.8 million
  • Number of universities in China: 2845
  • Approximately 2000 officials during the tournament

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